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Collecting rainwater is a great way to not only help protect the environment, but to also save money. When you use collected rainwater to water your gardens, you are conserving drinking water supplies, reducing storm water runoff, and saving money on municipal water or well water bills.

Additional Water Conservation Tips

Calculate how much rainwater is collected from a rainfall:
How much rainwater you capture depends on the capacity of your rain barrel(s) and the square footage of the roof that drains to them. For example, a 500 square-foot roof area can generate approximately 300 gallons of water for every inch of rainfall, enough to fill five 55-gallon rain barrels!

Use this formula to determine how much rainwater you can capture:
T = A x R x (600 gallons/1000)
Where: T = Total amount of rainfall collected (gallons)
A = Area of roof draining to rain barrel (square feet)
R = Total amount of rainfall (inches)