Cedar Hill Natives is owned and operated by Connie Taillon. She is a professional engineer specializing in stormwater management and a native plant enthusiast. Her love of native plants and commitment to environmental stewardship have led her to serve on the boards of both the Brown’s Creek Watershed District and the Oak Savanna Chapter of Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes.

Cedar Hill Natives offers only nursery-grown stock. All of our plants are grown from seed or cuttings collected from our own nursery stock or from seed purchased from reputable native seed producers in Minnesota. We strive to offer local genotype plants; specific information about the origins of our plant stock is available upon request.

Cedar Hill Natives take pride in growing all of our plants without the use of pesticides. We have a 'no pesticide use' policy, and have never used pesticides of any kind on nursery stock, seed source plants, or seeds. We purchase some seeds from a reputable Minnesota based native seed supplier that is confirmed to be neonicotinoid-free.

Cedar Hill Natives is named for the native cedar tree that was planted on the front hill of the nursery in memory of Connie’s sister, Linda.

Cedar Hill Natives is a member of the following organizations: